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Learn to Read Kipper Card!

Learn how to read the easiest divination cards ever!

I found the Kipper cards to be one of the easiest divination cards that is simple, user-friendly, and with no memorization necessary. I believe that the Kipper cards originated in Germany, and although they may not be as popular as the Tarot or Lenormand cards, many psychic readers prefer to use Kipper along with their Tarot or other divination cards, as it is quite accurate and adds depth to the readings.

There are a few different designs of Kipper decks, but not a lot. I use a Kipper cards deck created by Ciro Marchetti, called "Fin De Siècle Kipper". You can easily find it on Amazon or any online store. It is one of the most popular decks available.

In this blog, the meaning of the cards is based on "Fin De Siècle Kipper" cards, so if you have different types of Kipper decks, perhaps you can compare and find a similarity.


Kipper deck has a total of 39 cards, and here is the list of meanings of each card that I found more realistic and resonates with our day-to-day situations. You can get a much deeper understanding of each card from the full explanation by referring to the book that comes with the deck, but here, I'm making it much simpler and easier for you to start.

As you practice and connect more with your card, you might notice your card may have additional or different meanings as cards will start speaking to you. So always stay open and flexible as you get more fluent or experienced reading Kipper cards.


1 Main Male: You (if you are a male); your partner; the main person of the inquiry; the male figure; In the same-sex reading, this will be the partner of the Wealthy Man; This shows where you stand in your life in the present moment

2 Mail Female: You (if you are a female); your partner; the main person of the inquiry; the female figure; In the same-sex reading, this will be the partner of the Privileged Lady; This shows where you stand in your life in the present moment

3 Marriage: A commitment; contract; partnership; actual marriage; engagement; promises; connection; agreement; mutual agreement at an emotional level

4 Courtship: A beginning of the relationship; a new connection; mutual attraction; potential romance; love in the air

5 Mature Man: An older male; older male partner; mentor; father figure; growth as an individual (maturity); mental clarity (spiritual growth)

6 Mature Woman: An older female; older female partner; mentor; mother/sister figure; growth as an individual (maturity); mental clarity (spiritual growth)

7 Message: A message; texts; information; phone call; conversation; interaction through social media; messaging

8 False Person: Dishonesty; lies; third-party involvement; not being honest with your feelings/emotions; covering the emotions; betrayal

9 Change: Transformation; change or shift within situation; actual change in environment or relationship

10 Journey: A sense of a need for change; having acknowledgment for change; knowing there is a need for improvement; a sense of spiritual growth; will for change

11 Sudden Wealth: Unexpected gain; lucky event; winning the situation; sudden gain of income; extra money coming in; fortunate experiences

12 Privileged Lady: Someone who is hard to reach; someone living the luxurious life; female friend; a partner of The Main Female in the same-sex reading; This can also show you where you (or a person of your inquiry) stand in your life in the current moment

13 Wealthy Man: Logical person; businessman; business owner; prioritizing his/her career; business mannerism; male friend; a partner of The Main Man in the same-sex reading; This can also show you where you (or a person of your inquiry) stand in your life in the current moment

14 Message of Concern: A sense of anxiety; uncertainty; having concerning thoughts; expecting problem; being hesitant about the situation

15 Lovers: Being in a love relationship; a perfect match; committed relationship; romantic partnership; a sense of deep love connection; being in love

16 Thoughts: Planning; having plans for the future; contemplating the future; positive thoughts; optimistic thoughts; creative thinking; thinking outside the box

17 Gift: Fortunate event/experience; feeling lucky; appreciation/gratitude; happiness; gifts; abundance

18 Child: A new start; new path; new opportunity; new potential (relationship, career, life direction in life, etc.); small child

29 Coffin: Ending; the end of something; someone considering ending something (relationship, job, etc.); dead end; difficult situation; no way out; no solution; no future; death; funeral; coffin

20 House: A sense of comfort; comfortable situation or comfortable with the situation; familiarity; casualty; feeling welcomed; a sense of security

21 Family Room: Intimacy; initiate situation or relationship; exclusive relationship; close relationship; sharing personal information; having a sense of depth in a relationship

22 Official Person: An officer (occupational status); limitation; restriction; obstacles; being stubborn; Something or someone getting in a way of the situation

23 Court House: Waiting to see how things turn out; weighing options; seeking or waiting for the answer; Justice; result oriented

24 Thief: Wasting time; beating around the bush; avoidance; being emotionally robbed; not getting anywhere; no making progress; repeating the same thing; time loss; not seeing any result

25 High Honor: Emotionally overwhelmed; awakening; realization; wake up call; finding the truth (about oneself or someone else); shocking emotion

26 Great Fortune: Good things are coming; fortunate future; positive outcome; abundance and success ahead; good karma; no need to worry; something to look forward to

27 Unexpected Income: Tax return; unexpected income of all sorts; lucky outcome; financial gain; unexpected opportunity; potential opportunity; emotional or financial support from others

28 Expectation: Waiting for someone; waiting for someone to reach out or initiate something (initiate a relationship, etc.); having an expectation from others; waiting to see how things turn out; hesitant to act; indecisiveness

29 Imprisonment: A sense of feeling stuck or trapped; not being able to get out of the situation; feeling miserable; emotional stress; not being able to move on; not having other options; negative self-talk; blaming on oneself or others; emotional discomfort; being in a toxic relationship or a situation; emotional suffering

30 Judication: Trying to make a final decision; weighing options before making a decision; seeking fairness; asking for justice; asking for the answer; court case; dealing with laws; in the middle of the divorce process or considering getting a divorce

31 Bad Health: Stress; emotional stress; physical stress; hospitalization; injury; illness; emotional discomfort; sickness; not being able to move; bedrest; depression

32 Despair: A sense of devastation; emotional discomfort; desperation; emotional stress; loss of confidence; loss of self worth

33 Concern: Concern; anxiety; worries; negative thoughts; uncertainty; a sense of the unknown for the future; not sure about something or someone

34 Occupation: Continuous effort; keeping things going; continuing something (relationship, job/career, etc.); focusing on the situation; making improvement; working towards achieving a goal

35 Pathway: A new decision; new path; new opportunity; decision making time; being at a crossroads; time to choose a path; deciding on the situation

36 Distant Horizons: Hopes and wishes; ideas; not having realistic plans yet; dream; no solid foundation; wishy-washy situation; nothing practical; optimism; idealism

37 Poverty: A poverty consciousness; a sense of loss; lack of financial security; a sense of insecurity; financial loss; job loss; a fear of being alone; loneliness; emotional fear

38 Toil & Labour: Being under pressure; having emotional pressure; experiencing emotional challenges; being in a tough position; facing challenges; hard times/situations; not happy

39 Community: A sense of belonging; a group of people; support system; colleagues; family and friends; circle of people; community; more casual than exclusive relationship; support from others;


Below is the card spread I use when I do my readings using the Kipper deck, and I use this card spread for any questions and situations. It works every time. It is easy to remember and pretty much self-explanatory. Try it and see how you feel! If this is too much, you can always start with three cards spread and read from left to right (Past - Present - Future).

Each position indicates certain times or conditions:

Position 1 - [Present] Current situation or an emotional state of a person of your inquiry (or yourself).

Position 2 - [Present] Throughs, feelings, ideas—what is currently on their mind. Things or situation that hasn't happened yet. Just an idea or in the planning phase.

Position 3 - [Present] What's occurring in the present moment; how a person reacts or responds to the situation.

Position 4 - [Past] The past. It can be an emotional state or actual events that took place in the past.

Position 5 - [Future] Possible future; future outcome; potential; A direction of where things are headed; the near future

Position 6 - [Future] Future outcome or potential future that is a bit further than Position 5 (near future). I use this card to see how things possibly turn out in the long run, just to get a brief idea of the situation.


I found Kipper cards very accurate and useful for any situation you are inquiring about. I hope you have fun with it and find it helpful.

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

Ayano xo

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