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Tarot Universe Blog

Welcome to my Tarot Universe blog!

This blog is about psychic readings, astrology, quantum physics, love, life, and more! Welcome to my world!

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I decided to start my blog to share my views about intuitive readings and how I see the world of psychic readings and energy work, hoping that maybe it will provide a different perspective, whether you are someone who reads cards or receives readings.

Although I feel more people have become open to intuitive or psychic readings nowadays, we still don't really know why and how it works. And I don't think we have definite answers or science to back it up, although science is finally catching up by finding out more about the nature of energy; how they flow and what they really are, etc.

So hopefully, I can share what I know and how I work with my cards through my blog here.

As in my bio, I'm originally from Japan. I moved to the States about 13 years ago and somehow ended up having a business as an online psychic reader. I started offering online psychic reading on Etsy (I still have my shop there!), and now I have my own website.

How did I end up becoming a psychic reader? That is still a mystery to me, but I've been told that this is what I will become when I saw and received a psychic reading from this psychic lady when I was still in Japan. That was a long time ago. I was still in my 20s, and it just didn't resonate with me at all at that time... so I forgot all about it until I actually became one. Then I went, "Ooooh, yeah, I remember now..." lol

So here I am, offering psychic readings online and over the phone worldwide! Maybe the psychic lady was right about this, but I also feel that because I followed my intuition to guide me through my life, it took me to where I needed to be at this time of my life. Things can change, and we all have free will, so anything is possible, and there are infinite possibilities available to us. Through my blog, I hope to explain how psychic readings can help you navigate through your life and assist you to make better decisions, so you can enjoy and live your life to its full potential.

Through my blog, I welcome you to a new and amazing world of psychic readings and spiritual guidance!

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